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It is an integrated diet and nutrition program.

Food Tracker provides tools for assessing, advising, tracking and reassessing individuals. It is highly efficient, cost effective and simple to use.

Dieticians, nutritionists, those in need of diet and nutrition counselling, and the clinics that offer these services can all benefit from the Food Tracker system.

It is an allergen and nutrition analysis, and display management system that harnesses the power of information and delivers to the palm of your hand. It is everyone’s solution; chef, owner, server, and customer.

We work with you to ensure that that process is simple. We manage the analysis process for you, so that you can concentrate on preparing and serving the food you love to the people who love it.


In the United States, the Affordable Care Act will bring big changes to health delivery. Preventative care provisions cover nutritional counselling by licensed nutritionists, registered dieticians and other qualified licensed health professionals.

The Food Tracker system offers:

  1. An innovative meal planning tool that allows for
  2. - creating customized meal choices
    - variants
    - portion sizing
    - nutritional calculations

  3. A tracking system that enables individuals to record all their meals and snacks using their smartphones.
  4. A simple reassessment process. Dieticians and nutritionists can get summaries of the tracked data and review this at follow-up appointments. Meal plans can be modified remotely and further consults can be web-based.

The Food Tracker program helps create greater customer engagement.


With care and attention; the same way that you prepare your food.

We created a unique database interface that uses Canadian Nutrient File (CNF) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrition databases to calculate nutrition information based on your recipes.  Enter recipe, exit nutrition information.

During the recipe input, variants and options are determined, so that a customer can view every meal on your menu in the way it is served.  Allergens are evaluated in accord with Health Canada’s list, but we will meet the legal requirements of the country you are based in.

To ensure accuracy, we verify with the restaurant operator (usually the chef) methods of preparation, product suppliers, producers, and nutrient values of items not listed in the CNF or USDA.  Once the analysis is completed we conduct a review with the operator to confirm nutrition data. Where necessary we do an observational analysis of the preparation to confirm adherence to standardized processes.


A QR code makes everything possible.

Individuals get meal plans converted to unique Nutrition Link QR codes. Simple to use, these codes give individuals a speedy method of recording with their smartphones what they ate, without the fuss of food diaries and careful calculations.

Clinicians are able to review the data tracked by their clients.

Tracking meals is a proven way for individuals to change food choices and portion sizes. Food Tracker makes developing this habit easy.

Help people make healthy choices.



Right on your menu.

Your nutrition information is converted to a Nutrition Link QR code, which can be printed on your menus or displayed in your restaurant. Simple and unobtrusive, these codes give your customers the information they want, but do not interfere with your branding.

Once scanned by the customer, the entire menu downloads onto their iPhone or Android, allowing them to refer back to it at any time.

Harness the power of information to take work off your shoulders and serve your customers.

It’s that simple.

A small Nutrition Link QR Code connects customers to nutrition facts


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